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Opportunity for Texas Entrepreneurs to Participate in a Competition Promoting New Businesses

Deadline 08/19/22

Opportunity for Texas entrepreneurs in eligible regions to participate in a competition that promotes new businesses and upscales existing small businesses. Applicants must participate in an orientation session prior to submitting an application. Winners will receive fu

GrantWatch ID#: 191444

Awards to Texas Family-Owned Businesses to Recognize Excellence and Philanthropy

Deadline 08/22/22

Awards to Texas family-owned businesses in eligible counties to recognize excellence, growth, and philanthropic efforts in their local communities. This award is intended to honor inspiring, successful, and innovative businesses with longevity in the six-county area aro

GrantWatch ID#: 204300

Opportunity for Texas Women-Led Start-Ups to Participate in a Business Development Program in...

Deadline 08/22/22

Opportunity for Texas early-stage, women-led companies in eligible locations to participate in a business development program. The opportunity is intended to offer startups and businesses owned by women and women-identifying founders the chance to participate in an incu

GrantWatch ID#: 205003

Grants to Texas Small Businesses in Eligible Locations to Mitigate the Impacts of COVID-19

Deadline 08/22/22

Grants to Texas micro and small businesses in eligible locations to mitigate the impacts of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) health crisis. Funding is intended for business-related expenses, including working capital, payroll, business rent, supplies, equipment, inventory, an

GrantWatch ID#: 205031

Grants to Texas Organizations and Individuals for Basic Needs in Eligible Counties

Deadline 08/23/22

Grants of up to $3,000 per quarter to Texas organizations and agencies, and grants of up to $500 per year to Texas individuals and families in eligible counties. Funding is intended for health needs, education, food, clothing, shelter, and public safety. Programs should

GrantWatch ID#: 180830

Grants to Texas Small Businesses and Nonprofits in Eligible Locations for Recovery Support in...

Deadline 08/23/22

Grants of up to $65,000 and technical support to Texas small businesses and nonprofit organizations in eligible locations for development efforts and recovery support in the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) health crisis. Funding is intended to assist diversely owned

GrantWatch ID#: 204790

Grants to Texas Nonprofits Serving Eligible Counties for Programs to Benefit Local Residents

Deadline 08/24/22

Grants to Texas nonprofit organizations serving eligible counties for programs and projects that benefit local residents. Funding is intended for activities within the focus areas of education, arts and culture, medicine and science, literacy, and other charitable purpo

GrantWatch ID#: 143430

Grants to Texas Nonprofits, Agencies, and IHEs in Eligible Areas to Benefit Local Communities

Deadline 08/25/22

Grants to Texas nonprofit organizations, government entities, and IHEs in eligible areas for capital expenses and programs that enhance the quality of life in local communities. First-time applicants must contact program staff prior to applying and all applicants must s

GrantWatch ID#: 180258

Grant to a Texas Organization for Programs and Training Opportunities that Benefit People wit...

Deadline 08/26/22

Grant to a Texas organization for activities and professional development efforts that benefit people with disabilities. Funding is intended to create and implement a training program designed to encourage and further civic participation for people with developmental di

GrantWatch ID#: 204401

Grants to Texas Organizations for Programs that Assist People with Disabilities and Co-Occur...

Deadline 08/26/22

Grants to Texas organizations for programs that benefit people with concurrent disabilities and substance use disorders. Funding is intended to develop effective and accessible treatments for substance abuse among individuals who also have developmental disabilities (DD

GrantWatch ID#: 204404

Grants and In-Kind Assistance to Texas LEAs to Promote Educational Development

Deadline 08/26/22

Grants and in-kind support to Texas local educational agencies to promote educational programs and activities. Funding is intended to assist LEAs, including districts and charter schools, with the development and implementation of resources to support learning accelerat

GrantWatch ID#: 204493

Grant to a Texas Organization for a Training Program that Improves Interaction with People w...

Deadline 08/26/22

Grant to a Texas organization for disability-related professional training programs. Funding is intended to train government officials and their staff about issues related to people with disabilities. Grants will promote the development of informational videos and mater

GrantWatch ID#: 204402
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