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Opportunity for Texas Start-Ups in Eligible Locations to Participate in a Business Developmen...

Deadline 03/27/23

Opportunity for Texas start-up companies in eligible locations to participate in a business development program. Successful applicants will receive coaching and mentorship, deals and perks from a variety of companies, opportunities to pitch to investors, and support aft

GrantWatch ID#: 200814

Grants to Texas Individuals to Support the Development of Agricultural Businesses

Deadline 03/29/23

Grants of up to $20,000 to Texas individuals to promote the development or growth of agriculture businesses throughout the state. Funding is intended to increase farming activities, address unmet financial needs, and help to strengthen agricultural operations that posit

GrantWatch ID#: 180834

In-Kind Support to Texas Nonprofits in Eligible Locations for Volunteer Assistance at Commun...

Deadline 03/30/23

In-kind support of volunteer assistance at community-based events to Texas nonprofit organizations in eligible locations. Volunteers can participate in a variety of events, including but not limited to fundraisers, food bank distribution, picnics, holiday parties, egg h

GrantWatch ID#: 176768

Awards to Texas Family Businesses to Recognize Success and Community Contributions

Deadline 03/31/23

Awards to Texas family businesses in eligible regions to recognize their recent successes and positive influence on local communities. Nominated businesses must have more than one generation of the family involved in the business. Eligible nominees must be located in th

GrantWatch ID#: 207520

Grants to Texas Nonprofits for Health, Education, Animal Welfare, and Cultural Programs

Deadline 03/31/23

Grants to Texas nonprofit organizations in eligible communities for programs in the areas of health, animal welfare, education, family well-being, arts, and culture. Funding is intended for projects that will have a lasting impact on the local community and create oppor

GrantWatch ID#: 149502

Grants to Texas Nonprofits, For-Profits, and Agencies in Eligible Areas for Community Benefit...

Deadline 03/31/23

Grants to Texas nonprofit and for-profit organizations and government entities for projects to improve the quality of life in eligible locations. Applicants should contact the funding source prior to applying. Funding is intended for a wide range of activities to benefi

GrantWatch ID#: 179212

Grants to Texas Arts and Cultural Nonprofits for Activities to Benefit the Community

Deadline 03/31/23

Grants to Texas nonprofit arts and cultural organizations for activities to benefit the community in eligible regions. Funding is intended to foster economic growth, support participation in the arts, and increase local tourism. Eligible organizations must be based in t

GrantWatch ID#: 207909

Grants to Texas Nonprofits for Community Benefit Initiatives

Deadline 03/31/23

Grants to Texas nonprofit organizations for community benefit initiatives. Focus areas include children's health, the prevention of cruelty to children and animals, education (including special education), and wildlife protection. Eligible organizations must have a char

GrantWatch ID#: 149500

Grants to Texas Nonprofits for Education and Health Programs for Children

Deadline 03/31/23

Grants to Texas nonprofit organizations in eligible locations for programs that improve the welfare of children. Funding is intended primarily for activities within the focus areas of education, health, and mental health. Eligible projects have a direct impact principal

GrantWatch ID#: 149501

Grants to Vermont and Texas Nonprofits for Programs Serving Local Communities

Deadline 03/31/23

Grants to Vermont and Texas nonprofit organizations in the funding source's service area to support existing programs serving local communities. Preference will be given to programs addressing childhood hunger, families, and children. Eligible applicants are located in

GrantWatch ID#: 167737

Grants to Texas Organizations, Businesses, Agencies, and Individuals to Replace Conventional...

Deadline 03/31/23

Grants to Texas organizations, individuals, businesses, and government agencies in eligible counties to repower heavy- or medium-duty motor vehicles with natural gas engines. Funding is also available to replace eligible heavy or medium-duty vehicles with natural gas ve

GrantWatch ID#: 168820

Grants to Texas Nonprofits and Agencies in Eligible Locations for Programs to Benefit the Lo...

Deadline 04/01/23

Grants of up to $10,000 to Texas nonprofit organizations and agencies in eligible locations for programs to benefit the local community. Funding is intended for proposals in the areas of social, and economic development; civic; education and youth; and basic needs and

GrantWatch ID#: 175768
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